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I am a theatre and performance maker. I founded and led the multi-award-winning UK based company Triangle Theatre (est.1988).

I am also a writer and independent researcher.

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your visit.

I am working on a variety of performance projects including ‘Beautiful End’ with Heron Corn Mill and several new works from workshop participants who attend my courses and are mentored by me in my Creative Lab.

As well as the original works I have made professionally, I have considerable experience in teaching and facilitation in a variety of settings including Community led projects, Higher Education institutions, Museums and Heritage sites, Statutory Education institutions, masterclasses for professional performers, makers, actors, researchers and integrated artists. I also undertake practice research commissions which have included the AHRC funded ‘The House’ – theatre, performance and poverty (Routledge 2017).

Current Projects


30 Jun 2018 Taster Workshop Four - The Old Man in Beautiful End - 10am-2pm Heron Corn Mill

Past Shows

04 Jun 2018 Artist Collaboration/Evaluation Day Heron Corn Mill
02 Jun 2018 Taster Workshop Three - The Route in Beautiful End 2018 - 10am-2pm Heron Corn Mill
26 May 2018 Beautiful End Sharing/Performance day Heron Corn Mill Heron Corn Mill Heron Corn Mill
21 May 2018 Artist Collaboration Day for Beautiful End 10am-4pm Heron Corn Mill

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Carran’s Creative Lab is a space and time for you to create your own work in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Carran's Creative Lab

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