Update on Little Blue Man page

I just added a reflective document to the Little Blue Man page charting the journey with that performance so far and sets it in the context of my creative journey making performance work. I have also added the performance information in connection with the next outing for Little Blue Man which happens in Dorset on Tuesday September 8 at 11.15am: …

Further Development of The House

Two recent posts in the working diary section of The House project I am working on as part of Jenny Hughes’ Poor Theatres Project. Here and Here I have three weeks development work on this project at the moment. Development extracts are on this channel

Pathway Three

From that place where Bambi lives, up and over the hill, then down through the treelined way towards the gate with the coathook that opens into the carpark

Pathway Two

From the main road  along the other side of the stagnant bit of river towards the carpark

Pathway One

Over the bridge where they carried the fake coffin along the stagnant bit of river near the paper mill and out onto the main road.