The House media clips are online now

My performance research work on performance and poverty is documented here in one place: This is my most recent performance work: ‘The House’. There are extracts from the final performance and also clips from the development. Reading materials are here: You have to scroll down a bit to get there. Thanks for looking at this material.  

Political Creativity

Here is the content of my presentation for the Southport Labour Party Women’s Forum (November 2017)  

Coming Back Home to ‘Beautiful End’

You have an idea for a piece of work (a project) and it’s always bigger than you can realise. That’s my thinking with ‘Beautiful End’. Not getting the full funding means it lives on in other guises, other works, other life experiences, other funding applications, because it has to ‘BE’ somehow. So here I am at the threshold of realising …

2017 Christmas Greetings and Hope for 2018

I have lived in the North West for seven years now so I feel part of the landscape and the furniture. Here’s a Christmas greeting and a meditation on being in the north with a musical reflection that nods to the south west with fond memories of the 1970s and a gorgeous song from Decameron. I am not sure when …