Gorse Actually In Beauty

  I have just come back from Charmouth from the Trees and Water workshop with Sandra Reeve.  It inspired much moving and writing but also these gorgeous pics

Gorse in Beauty

I have been writing about Gorse since I came across one caught in midwinter and then these beauties while I was teaching on a workshop in York recently. Below is my offering on this:

Walking with the Ancestors

I dream them and I work them out in my daily life.  I bought a couple of months of unlimited time on ancestry.co.uk and it took over my life so I had to come off it.  But the ancestors leave thumb prints all over me.  They just won’t go away.  They walk alongside me and tap my shoulder every now …

Aspects of Physical Theatre – log book

Yesterday I began teaching Aspects of Physical Theatre at the University of Manchester.  It is the second time teaching it there for me and I am applying what I learned from the first version two years ago.  It is assessed partly through a  log book so I thought I would have a go at doing my own log entry just …

Running in the Woods

Photographs courtesy of Richard Talbot Running in the woods this holiday made me remember walking to school with instalments of “The Last of the Mohicans” flooding my brain in the early 70s.  I then thought about Wyken Slough and  Manor House Estate in Coventry where I grew up and Canada where I have many relatives whom I have never met …