MA students from Salford creating new work

I led a day of discussion and workshop with Salford University M.A. students. Here is one response: Silent Discovery and here is another Project through the Body – Session with Carran Waterfield    

Political Creativity

Here is the content of my presentation for the Southport Labour Party Women’s Forum (November 2017)  

2017 Christmas Greetings and Hope for 2018

I have lived in the North West for seven years now so I feel part of the landscape and the furniture. Here’s a Christmas greeting and a meditation on being in the north with a musical reflection that nods to the south west with fond memories of the 1970s and a gorgeous song from Decameron. I am not sure when …

It’s a memory day

Facebook has this habit of prompting you to repost your memories. Today (12 December) is Melanie’s birthday. I posted about it a couple of years ago, hence the prompt. But rather than post on facebook I thought to write something here. Melanie would have been 47 today. I remember her as a three week baby whom I never met but …