I promised Mrs May I would reply to her letter and post it on my blog

Dear Mrs May
Thank you for your letter dated…when did you write it? It didn’t have a date.

Well you have caught me at the right time because today, as a self employed theatre maker, teacher with experience of zero hours contracts, semi-retired-didn’t-get-my-pension..(er), it is my writing day. Lucky me!

A few words in response:

Mrs May, it is not usual for me to get involved in this kind of activity – elections and letters like this. It is quite out of the ordinary for an ordinary person like me to write something like this. You see, the foundations on which you stand are shaking already because so many ordinary people, like me are now getting involved. You are worried and you need to be. Yes, you’ve worked it out. You have to do something personal to get a response from ordinary people. Well Mrs May, the letter may have used my name and spelled it correctly many times but I don’t believe it is sincere. I don’t trust you with decision-making that will affect the rest of my life and the lives of my loved ones.

Your party caused Brexit (the main focus of your letter) so you should be worried about this in your effort to get me to vote for you in Southport. Are you wavering in your confidence? If you are doing this to every citizen with a candidate in a shaky seat I expect we will have to have extra bin collections. You’re lucky to have all that paper and envelopes and the money to pay the postman as well. You do know you haven’t won in Southport for a while and your ex collaborators from the days of your own chaotic coalition are on very shaky ground too.

I notice you don’t say that if (we) get it wrong it will be felt by all the rich and well off people like yourself…only ordinary people like me. You don’t know me, or do you? I am one of those who lost 30K in the pension changes and I am trying hard to find ways of making that up. Please don’t use a ‘royal we’ with me. If negotiations go wrong and you lead, it will be you who will be called to account. You are 11 days older than me Mrs May and we are poles apart.

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, if you are in charge I know for sure you will make it okay for people like yourself and those who pave your way. You have called an election because you are worried and you want a mandate so you can blame us all when the negotiations get tough. Well Mrs May, I welcome the hope and clear choice I now have.

The thing is a personal touch needs a sense of integrity and honesty. I think that the genuine, secure and steadfast leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party promises something I have never before known in my lifetime and that process will only ask you, one of the few, to pay just a little bit more to make things more bearable for the many. You have read the Labour Party Manifesto, no doubt. It’s just not good enough to talk only about Brexit. There’s more at stake than that and your personal letter to me will not do the trick.

Yours sincerely

Carran Waterfield

PS Because I don’t want to waste a stamp I hope you will pick this up somewhere along the line on Facebook now you are using social media a bit more. I will also post it on my Blog because they read that in China.

PPS. By the way, how did you feel about your 30K pension loss?

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