The House – theatre, performance, poverty (2017)


The House – researching theatre, performance, poverty. Special issue of Studies in Theatre and Performance, 37: 1, 2017 ISSN:1468-2761


‘The House – theatre, performance, poverty’ (2017) features my augmented performance script within a portfolio of materials from the research process for ‘The House’ including web links to video clips from the initial production, photographs, articles responding to the performance, a dialogue between myself and Jenny Hughes the main researcher about the process of making the performance and its implications. It also includes background information to the project and a response to the portfolio from a practice researcher.

Some responses
“pertinent to the anger streaming across conversations, social media and big media of the UK, I’ve just read the script of Carran Waterfield’s ‘The House’ based on her family’s history in the ‘care system’ of the UK, the transition from workhouse and psychiatric hospital to ‘care in the community’, and what passes for care today – while not as beacon-like as a burning tower block, this attrition is no different, the deaths are many and the suffering just as demonstrably unnecessary.” Phil Smith

“…. the relevance of The House is going to continue to grow, it feels like the world we are working in is getting ever more precarious.” Andy Smith

Review of the performance of The House


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