Pathway between trees

Best-laid Plans of Mice and Women

Best-laid Plans of Mice and Women

Bruised leg

Woman with candle (bruised back of knee)

It happened. I have not had this experience before.

Knocked off my feet and utterly pipped at the post.

Crashed to the ground in the Memorial Park in Coventry, speedy trip to the hospital, wheelchair, crutches, tricky train negotiations then home for a long rest.

My walking project was sabotaged by a dog during the summer.  I reckon it was the interference of Hecate from the underworld, probably to press me to get Pink Granite (the prequel to Redhair and Daffodil Friend) into a kickstart position.  It worked.  I wrote two more chapters, read a book about the 3-year strike in the North Wales Slate Quarries, and after my recovery, was able to perform  excerpts from the chapters from Pink Granite at the recent Movement Art Events in Charmouth, Dorset. More of that in another post.  Happy to say I have started up the walks again. Please see diary page.

Below are some visual musings on my injury and granite encounter, followed by a short extract from Pink Granite which I sent as part of a submission for a commission for a Geopark project in the Charnwood Forest where I have been recently researching and walking in my paternal ancestors’ footsteps.

I wasn’t successful but am hopeful for some kind of future outcome whilst I continue the journey with Pink Granite, a prequel to Redhair and Daffodil Friend.

Musings on the injury:

Pink Granite beginnings:




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