Carran’s Creative Lab

Carran’s Creative Lab gives space and time to reflect on, explore, ruminate and develop a creative journey and practice with some practical explorations and mentoring that I offer from the experience I have gained in my own practice. .

At the moment this happens online. Please contact me for an initial discussion.

Past Creative Labs have followed a weekend retreat format where I guide and encourage you to develop your own creative ideas within a group context in an inspiring location that allows for both indoor and outdoor work.

Kirsty Surgey writes about her experience in Carran’s Creative Lab. Her PhD related work is soon to be published.

Luke Crookes has documented his work in Carran’s Creative Lab and continues explorations through Body Voice Bassoon with Carran.

Patrick Campbell developed his work for public performance in Carran’s Creative Lab.

Recharging Your Creativity

An example of a past Creative Lab:

  • Devising Your Own Creative Work (4 weekends)
  • Reviving and Re-visiting Your Own Creative Work (2 weekends)
  • Structuring, Voicing and Rehearsing Your Own Creative Work (2 weekends)
  • Scratching and Presenting Your Own Creative Work (2 weekends)

Please contact me if you are interested in working with me.

Public Presentations from Carran’s Creative Lab

Work that has been created during the courses is given an opportunity for a public showing within a curated programme. Please see Manworks

‘Just Walk’ Lockdown Project with emerging artists (TaPP) University of Salford – reflections coming soon.

Mentoring Programme

Sometimes a one-to-one experience is more appropriate and less time-consuming.

I also offer a mentoring programme that can take place face to face in a space of your own choosing and/or remotely through skype, facetime and email.

If you want to sound out an idea, require some feedback on something you are working on, or just need some time away from your day job, I can accommodate this through working out a series of appointments and achievable milestones.
Here is an example:

Please contact me if you are interested in the Mentoring Programme.