Collaboration, Collapse and Creativity

I recently gave a presentation for M.A. students at Salford University about some collaborative projects I have experienced in my work over many years. The Twins and I The Twins and I Tributaries Tributaries brochure 1993 Tributaries flyer 1993 and most recently Rooting a Creative Project (Keer to Kent Summer 2018) Nurturing a Creative Project (Keer to Kent Winter 2018-19)

Beautiful End Sharing notes

If you missed this event here is a summary: Introduction for Beautiful End Sharing 26 May 2018 Heron Corn Mill 1.05 Welcome Reading from Godiva Rides To America: “My dad’s mum…to test the power of the wind” Last Saturday I was in Coventry sharing the Royal Wedding event with my sister and my mum – a little gathering around the …

Coming Back Home to ‘Beautiful End’

You have an idea for a piece of work (a project) and it’s always bigger than you can realise. That’s my thinking with ‘Beautiful End’. Not getting the full funding means it lives on in other guises, other works, other life experiences, other funding applications, because it has to ‘BE’ somehow. So here I am at the threshold of realising …

Beautiful End Taster Workshops for 2018

I am running 4 taster workshops in 2018 as part of the wider project ‘Beautiful End’ exploring Constance Holme’s novel of the same title. If you would like to take part please take a look at the Advance Notice of Creative Taster Workshops for 2018