Collaboration, Collapse and Creativity

I recently gave a presentation for M.A. students at Salford University about some collaborative projects I have experienced in my work over many years. The Twins and I The Twins and I Tributaries Tributaries brochure 1993 Tributaries flyer 1993 and most recently Rooting a Creative Project (Keer to Kent Summer 2018) Nurturing a Creative Project (Keer to Kent Winter 2018-19)

Launch of my courses for 2018-2019

I am thrilled to announce my new brochure of upcoming courses in creativity. Here is the link to the brochure:CreativeLabDigital These start on a weekly basis in the village of Churchtown, Southport on Tuesday mornings. Later in 2019 subject to interest I will be running the weekend courses in devising and creativity and will post information about these later in …

Political Creativity

Here is the content of my presentation for the Southport Labour Party Women’s Forum (November 2017)  

Poppies, Peace and Remembrance

images: Carran Waterfield: A stray poppy in my garden, Labour Party Campaign Launch, Little Blue Man, Dorset (courtesy Mary Booker)

After the 1987 Hurricane

I visited the New Forest in the Spring of 1988 after the hurricane of 1987 many are remembering today. I wrote this following the visit and over the years kept amending until  it became this particular version: A Walk In The New Forest in 1988 After A Hurricane Not overly wild and not yet fully tamed like an arboretum, she …

Signpost 3: Audience/Participant responses to The House

Journey through ‘The House – researching theatre, performance and poverty’ (Studies in Theatre and Performance Special Issue Vol 31:1) Signpost 3: Audience Responses to The House ‘The House’ didn’t do the usual touring route so no Guardian review for this one or any other newspaper review as a matter of fact. We chose a different way and invited essays or short …