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Follow the Stone – A New Creative Walking Programme

Follow the Stone

Creative Circular Walking Workshops with Carran Waterfield

Please note that due to an injury I had to postpone this programme during the summer. However I have recovered and am now offering the walks on a regular basis all year round.

I have chosen Tuesdays for this work but if this doesn’t suit you and you want to participate, please get in touch.  I am flexible and can work around your availability.

I offer group walks of up to seven people and also one to one walks if preferred.

Thanks for your interest. 

Details of the programme

This programme has grown out of a 3-year personal exploration of a route near to where I live. It came out of my Lockdown experience.  I am now inviting you to walk with me to share some of my discoveries and to join with me in the creative journey.

Each walk includes readings of creative writing responses to the route.

Each walk will stimulate your own creativity and focus your body and mind.

Each walk is designed for a small group of participants.

Each walk lasts 2 hours. It is best to allow a 3 hour slot for the longer walk at the end of the course.

Each walk takes place in Southport, Merseyside.

Theme: Getting Our Bearings

A walk in three parts and a final walk of all three in reverse.

Maximum number of participants: 7

4-week course

Each week we walk a route in three parts and then walk the route in its entirety in one concluding session.

Walk One: Choices, Forks and Crossroads

                   Meet: Hesketh Drive Corner Shops and we walk to Preston New Road Stray.

Walk Two: Straight Lines, Rules and Signs

                   Meet: At the end of the Stray opposite the Playing Field, Preston New Road and we walk to Dawlish

                   Drive Sea Wall.

Walk Three: Edge, Golf, Hospital, Home

                  Meet: Meet: Opposite Marshside School on the corner of Elswick Road and Hornby Road and we do a circular walk back to the starting point.

Walk Four: Full Circular Walk in reverse from Hesketh Drive Corner Shops.

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For more information please contact me

Tel. 077 7060 1533

To read more about the development of this project go here.

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