Redhair and Daffodil Friend (Performance)

True Blue Productions

25 Apr 2024 Salford, Salford, Manchester


Time : 8.15
Venue : New Adelphi
Address : University Rd, Salford
State : Salford, Manchester
Zip : M5 4BR
Contact Website :

Part of TaPP Fest 2024

Redhair & Daffodil Friend

by True Blue Productions, directed by Carran Waterfield

True Blue Productions takes Carran Waterfield’s book Redhair and Daffodil Friend from page to stage in their immersive adaptation.

The story is set in the fantastical city of Brinepoint at a time of great uncertainty. The city has magical defences that stave off extreme winters and scorching summers. Two young, inseparable sisters are left in charge of protecting their city. However, it is not long before a new Jammie-Dodger-loving visitor starts rocking the boat.

The tale blends friendship, responsibility, and resourcefulness, with a healthy dollop of celebration, whilst never forgetting the secret ingredient: “Minding your own business!”

The ensemble uses their unconventional in-the-round staging, alongside physical and sensory theatre, to give the audience a taste (quite literally sometimes) of life as a resident in Brinepoint.

The question is: will the sisters and their community survive the storm?

Warnings: Suitable for ages 8+. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.