Waterfield C. Blog (2014 – present)

The Memorabilia Box Podcast(2020)

Waterfield C. (2010-2019) Birnam Wood Development Process

Waterfield, C. Working Diary: The House Poor Theatres Blog on creating The House University of Manchester (2015)

Waterfield C. and Campbell P. All At Sea (2012)

Waterfield, C. The Last Women available documentation (2006-2010)


Carran Waterfield,  Redhair and Daffodil Friend (2022) CJW Illus. Fruzsina Czech.

Carran Waterfield The Poetic Body (2021)
a collection of 8 poems in “Body and Awareness’ Sandra Reeve (ed.)

Waterfield C. The House – an augmented play script. Studies in Theatre and Performance 37:1 Routledge (2017)

Hughes J. and Waterfield C. Digging Deep: a dialogue on practice as research. Studies in Theatre and Performance 37:1 Routledge (2017)

Waterfield, C. and Talbot, R.Triangle’s Work In Times of War DVD ROM(2007)

Waterfield, C. (2007) Feminine Theatre: Training the Young Practitioner in Intuitive Performance The Articulate Practitioner: Articulating Practice DVD ROM Jill Greenhalgh and Mike Brookes Performance Research Books



The Poetic Body (2021)
a collection of 8 poems in “Body and Awareness’ Sandra Reeve (ed.)
The Poems:
Woman of the Golden Face
Moving to a Memory
Stone Ridge on the Beach
Me and Me Stick
Clinging on

Sister of Three of the Sixty Nine (2018)
in ‘Tattingstone Remembers The Fallen of World War One’
Jane Kirk (ed.

The Tree, The Table and Me (2016)

Written After Moving (2014)

A Walk in the New Forest After A Hurricane (1988, 2009, 2017)



The House (2017)

The Last Women (2010)

Looking for the Tallyman (2001)

My Sister, My Angel (1996)

Godiva, the Naked Politician (1995)

The Dig (1992)


Key Publications with in-depth reference to creative practice of Carran Waterfield:

A Poetics of Third Theatre -Performer  Training, Dramaturgy, Cultural Action. Jane Turner and Patrick Campbell. Routledge (2021)

She wants you to kiss her: Negotiating Risk in the Immersive Theatre Contract Richard Talbot.  Reframing Immersive Theatre James Frieze (ed.) Palgrave Macmillan (2016)

Performing Heritage – Research, Practice and Innovation in Museum Theatre and Live Interpretation. Anthony Jackson and Jenny Kidd (eds.) Manchester University Press (2012)

Quantum Theatre -Science and Contemporary Performance. Paul Johnson Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2012)

All at Sea: Tracing Jouissance in the Digital Archives of Triangle Theatre Patrick Campbell .Bristol.ac.uk (2011)

Dugout! The Little Herberts Total Theatre Volume 15 Issue 3 Autumn Jessica Naish Total Theatre Magazine Print Archive (2003)

Identity – Even if it is a fantasy: the work of Carran Waterfield Jo Trowsdale  New Theatre Quarterly Volume 13 number 51 Cambridge University Press 1997





Waterfield C. Nurturing a Creative Project in the Landscape of the Kent Estuary. Keer to Kent Magazine The Landscape Trust. Autumn (2018)

Waterfield C. Rooting a Creative Project in the Landscape of the Kent Estuary. Keer to Kent Magazine The Landscape Trust. Summer (2018)

Hughes J. and Waterfield C., Photo Essay Sing for Your Supper: Pauperism, Performance and Survival Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association Issue 5.2 (Fall 2016)

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Waterfield, C., The Twins and I Mailout Autumn (1992)


Waterfield, C.,(2015) Book Review:
Simming: Participatory Performance and the Making of Meaning by Scott Magelssen Modern Drama Vol. 58 No 4

Waterfield, C.,(2015) Book Review:
On Training and Performance:Traces of an Odin Actress New Theatre Quarterly Vol. 31 Issue 3

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