Redhair and Daffodil Friend

Redhair and Daffodil Friend is my first illustrated chapter book for middle-range readers (8-13 and adults), Redhair and Daffodil Friend  now available here or from me directly.

I am also offering workshops drawing on the themes within the book. Please contact me for more information.

Redhair and Daffodil Friend is set in the fantastical coastal city of Brinepoint. It is a story about friendship, loyalty and minding your own business. It is about living with uncertainty at a time when learning to take responsibility is a challenge.

The two inseparable sisters are left home alone guarding Brinepoint’s unique magical defences against extreme winters and summers. Lurking in the shadows is a shady guy determined to make money from the magic. How will the diligent girls prove themselves when left in charge? How will they cope when time and nature confuse the seasons while their mam is far away, sharing the magic?

Redhair and Daffodil Friend:

  • beautifully illustrated by the award-winning illustrator Fruzsina Czech.
  • will make a perfect gift for lovers of folk and fairytales.
  • written for the enjoyment of adults and young people alike.
  • explores rites of passage blending familiar traditional fairy tale tropes within recognisable industrial and coastal landscapes merging traditional folk culture with themes of citizenship and climate responsibility.
  • concerns sisterhood and working motherhood. The sisters Redhair and Daffodil Friend are the daughters of the accomplished female engineer, Sea Potato Mam, Governor of Brinepoint.
  • contains themes of absent parents, adoption and coping with family illness.
  • will stir up discussion about climate, greed, fairness and citizenship.
  • will provide scope for creative explorations and responses through drama, storytelling, art and music.
  • will be a source for creative project work in the classroom.