Birnam Wood

I am working on ‘Birnam Wood’ with students from University of Salford between October 2018 and January 2019. Work will be posted here.

I first began work on this project in 2004 when working on ‘Beastly Beauties’ with drama students at the University of Birmingham. I further developed the work at Melton College in Leicestershire creating ‘The Hoarse Raven’ and then with the RSC 2010 where I formed the main focus of the work. During this phase I work on experiments with young people in Staffordshire school working on the project ‘There to Meet With….’ Then I came to the North West and created ‘The Feast’ with HND students at the University of Salford. The last incarnation happened at the University of Manchester in the guise of ‘The Session’ in 2012. So here we are in 2018 with the show actually billed as ‘Birnam Wood’ so this has to be IT….or is it?

Work is never finished.

Performance works created under its banner have been:
‘Beastly Beauties’ with the University of Birmingham and Kindle Theatre
‘The Hoarse Raven’ with Melton College and Operating Theatre
‘The Feast’ with the University of Salford
‘There To Meet With’ with Flashley Community Primary School, Stafford
‘A Scratch Showing’ with the Royal Shakespeare Company
‘Birnam Wood Comes to Hesketh Park’ a personal video essay experiment
‘The Session’ with the University of Manchester

Video links:
Beastly Beauties
A Scratch Showing
There to Meet With
The Hoarse Raven
Birnam Wood Comes to Hesketh Park
The Feast
The Session
Birnam Wood with University of Salford