Heron Corn Mill project begins


Heron Corn Mill​ residency has begun. I am looking forward to the next six months creating a new performance there and sharing work on “The House” for Poor Theatres​ linking to local history (Milnthorpe and Kendal Workhouses) in November.

Here is a pic called “Sheep Sniffs Bambi’s Bum” taken on the first day of the residency when I was just following my own creative nose really.  The deer and sheep are a short walk up through a gate with a coathook lock and over the field north of the mill towards Dallam Tower.

Heron Corn Mill is a hidden treasure just off the A6 in Beetham, Cumbria.  It is self- sufficient thanks to the installation of a Kaplan Turbine that makes the water from the River Bela earn the mill’s living.  It is quite an amazing place and well worth a visit if you are up near the Lake District over the summer.

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