It’s Daffodil Time

It’s Daffodil Time Last year Winter brought stillness, nothingness, sleeping, quiet reflection and ancestors who visited both invited and uninvited. Despite this year’s daffodils, crocuses and early tulips, Spring has dragged its feet. We’ve been up to our eyes in rain, rain and yet more rain. But it seems to have stopped and now it is spring; well and truly …

Collaboration, Collapse and Creativity

I recently gave a presentation for M.A. students at Salford University about some collaborative projects I have experienced in my work over many years. The Twins and I The Twins and I Tributaries Tributaries brochure 1993 Tributaries flyer 1993 and most recently Rooting a Creative Project (Keer to Kent Summer 2018) Nurturing a Creative Project (Keer to Kent Winter 2018-19)