Coming Back Home to ‘Beautiful End’

You have an idea for a piece of work (a project) and it’s always bigger than you can realise. That’s my thinking with ‘Beautiful End’. Not getting the full funding means it lives on in other guises, other works, other life experiences, other funding applications, because it has to ‘BE’ somehow. So here I am at the threshold of realising the small piece that will be ‘Beautiful End’ – the pilot. Luke has done loads of work and Carolyn has loads of work and I have nothing just my readings and all the stuff I researched when I thought I would be doing this for years but it’s only for a season. The themes of ‘Beautiful End’ are poignant and relevant for now – my now and your now as we age. Luke has called up “turning”…I see this as change, a change of direction…turning onto the marsh..back home…going back home…but it’s not the same as it was…so better go back to Marget…better the devil you know.

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