08 Sep 2018 Milnthorpe, Cumbria


Time : 1.30pm
Venue : Heron Corn Mill
Address : Mill Lane, Beetham, Cumbria
State : Cumbria
Zip : LA7 7PQ
Phone : 01539 564271
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ManWorks is a mini festival of three new performance pieces curated by artist in residence Carran Waterfield.
The three works draw their inspiration from the human form within the landscape, and features ‘Smudge’ by Luke Crookes, ‘Black Rivers’ by Patrick Campbell and ‘Rock Songs’ by Nick Sales.

A word from curator Carran Waterfield:
This mini festival forms a celebration of group work that manifests itself in the solo performance. I hope you can come along and enjoy the work. I have been artist in Residence at Heron Mill since 2016 working intermittently on a variety of projects. During my residency I ran several workshops facilitating participants in the creation of their own work. I am really delighted to be able to share these two pieces (Smudge and Black Rivers) from my workshop series: Devising Your Own Creative Work and Recharging Your Creativity. Rock Songs, the third in this trilogy originated in the project group in Charmouth I attended where Sandra Reeve from Move into Life facilitated the creation of my walking performance Little Blue Man.

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