Signpost 3: Audience/Participant responses to The House

Journey through ‘The House – researching theatre, performance and poverty’ (Studies in Theatre and Performance Special Issue Vol 31:1)

Signpost 3: Audience Responses to The House

‘The House’ didn’t do the usual touring route so no Guardian review for this one or any other newspaper review as a matter of fact. We chose a different way and invited essays or short responses to the piece which seemed to be more productive, considered and helpful.  The writers came from different fields which added to the rich mix in the response.  It allowed for some real creativity in the responses because there were no rules here.  There was some extensive feedback from post show questionnaires to which Jenny Hughes and Caitlin Gleeson formed into an interesting forward to this section of the research document.  Other contributors here include: Janet Batsleer, Anuradha Kapur, Bobby Smith, Louise Wallwein, Janice B. Wilson, Sandra Reeve and Maggie B. Gale.  Some of these people are familiar with my performance work but most are not, so it was a good mix.  I am very grateful for the feedback.

You can read the responses here

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