Why I am part of the moving wood


Gateway Six in Dorset (Little Blue Man)

I am so happy to be back at my Cumbrian outpost.  This coming weekend I am joined by a group of creative people who bring their talent and ideas to work on something that requires “not knowing”.  It’s a brave state of mind to be in and marks the beginning of several new pieces of work we will create inspired by the setting that is Heron Corn Mill

This week I have been reflecting on the idea of  getting involved in something I don’t fully understand if I am honest. I joined the Labour Party recently and I am very aware that I may be seen as one of those people who are just backing  Jeremy Corbyn without thinking about the wider implications.  Well I am joining the moving wood for that reason and I am willing to learn something from this apparent outsider that the others couldn’t teach me in the past or else I would have joined them many years ago.

The road to Beetham

The road to Beetham

Like my creative  group who will work this weekend I have stuck my neck out, paid a nominal fee and am attempting to produce some creative responses to my recent political excursions.  It’s scary putting yourself out there when you feel vulnerable and uneducated in a specific area.  But not knowing I think is the best place from which to learn and I am happy to learn about how things may change in a creative way.

So here is my latest effort on The Marching Trees: my personal interpretation of the mobilisation of the movement that is the people behind Jeremy Corbyn.  Thanks again to Helen Chadwick and Kite for their gorgeous rendition of Goethe’s poem adapted by Robert Bly.

You can see the first effort here:

I can only respond to this Corbyn phenomena creatively from a hunch and an instinct that his vision seems achievable despite the odds.

This effort comes especially on the back of my residency at Heron Corn Mill that has a history of working people and disenfranchised tenant farmers.  People wonder why we go on about history but history is NOW.  We carry history to the present because it marks the unchanging/changing life that we live NOW.  Thanks for reading I really appreciate your support in this particular journey.

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