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I wrote something new on The House working diary pages about books. It’s a bit of a meandering around the word approaching its uses in that piece of work which I have just performed for the Gendered Citizenship and Performance Conference at the University of Warwick (that is actually in Coventry) – old tramping ground (Note: I use tramping in relation to temporary accommodation/temporary homes for artistic practice relied upon by artistic groups as part of the in-kind system of support to creativity.   I know it should be stamping….)

Jenny Hughes and I gave a keynote speech:

Sing for your supper: pauperism, performance and survival

and I presented The House and sat on a panel of artists.  Then I came back to the North, worked on a contract for a performance of the same show, finished the blog piece on books and began to think myself back into the Heron Corn Mill Residency which starts full on next Thursday 14 January more about which will appear here soon.

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