Disrupted Meadow – Strata June 2021

Disrupted Meadow – Strata June 2021

I am in Charmouth again,

on Stonebarrow,


and it is around the time Matt Hancock gets into a bit of bother.

Life is like a meadow and it can get disrupted. Careers get disrupted.

Journeys get disrupted.

A death is disruptive.

I begin my presentation with a poem:

Sky is Meadow

I am walking on sky.

I am striding through dandelions or shall we say more correctly – Hawkbit.

I am tramping on them while their neighbours nod and agree with the masses.

My mum is a dandelion who was once a daffodil.

Here are guys in a burning sun, turning faces

like mini scarecrows

all nodding compliance.

Why do we want to kill dandelions?

Matt Hancock has gone!


I walk from the meadow with the workshop participants following me.

I lead them to a space near a gate.

I set down my bag and stick.

I set my camera rolling.

I begin to unfold.

I move with the wind, the sky and the nodding Hawkbit in my mind.

When I return home I make a short film.  The airbook I use is on it’s last legs and I have been struggling to avoid a pink screen appearing when I master the material.

Finally this week in August after I have tried multiple times to master and re-master  I am content with one pink screen that comes up when mum and her cows turn up in the film.

I hope you enjoy my Disrupted Meadow.

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  1. Love it Carran. Love” its a stage” ,”what you looking at. “Like the images transposed across the screen..

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