Narcissus in my garden

Getting cracking for Spring

Getting cracking for Spring

Daffodils by a hedge in Wootton Fitzpaine

Daffodils in Wootton Fitzpaine, Dorset

A wooden sculpture of an ox head among daffodils

Ox with Daffodils

I have just returned from the fourth meeting of our project group in Dorset with colleagues under the wonderful guidance of Sandra Reeve.  We have been meeting since September last year and our work with be presented next September. There are twelve of us.

For my particular thread, I have been sharing my developing work around my book Redhair and Daffodil Friend which means considering:
building book sales,

Book with vase of Daffodils

How many sales?






conceiving a workshop programme,

workshop for schools information

Now Booking flyer

marketing that programme


marketing that programme


marketing that programme


(Say everything three times and it might stick)


revisiting and revitalising my body of work in a way that frames it retrospectively

Daffodil cut from its bulb

Ragged Daffodil

conceiving a prequel.

A Welcome from St Aldhelm in Dorset

It’s both challenging and exciting.

It’s Spring. It’s been a long cold winter. It’s time to get cracking now the daffodils have come.

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