‘Little Blue Man’ Gate One

Early this year I lost my mum.  It’s been hard coming to terms with that. Funnily enough part of that process has been to re-visit the creative ways I dealt with grief when I lost my Dad in 2009.  It’s his birthday today.  He would have been 90.

Over the next seven days I will post a re-edited version of my Creative Grief Practice (I just made that up),  that culminated in  ‘Little Blue Man’.  Re-visiting this work is helping me process losing mum.

Gate One is set in a garden. I am embodying my dad, the ancestors and the Waterfield Family Tree. ‘Little Blue Man’ is a walking performance project exploring grief, memory, ancestry, ex-service social clubs and familial mythology. This segmented performance film in seven sections is the culmination of several indoor and outdoor explorations and photo journeys over time.

Here is the first short film.

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