Movement Art Events

Pink Granite

The Project Group - led by Sandra Reeve

09 Sep 2023 Wootton Fitzpaine, Dorset Free


Time : 3.30pm
Venue : Wootton Fitzpaine Village Hall
Address : Wootton Fitzpaine Village Hall, Wootton Fitzpaine, Bridport, Dorset
Zip : DT6 6ND
Phone : 07734 138942
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Sat 9th September ~ Afternoon and Eve ~ Wootton Fitzpaine

3.30pm Origin Song ~ Simon Slidders
4.30pm Transmutation ~ Sian Alcock
Pink Granite: Fragments and Transitions for the duration of the weekend ~ Carran Waterfield

7.15pm At the Edge ~ Mary Booker
8.15pm First Find Your BoneCup: Stories from under the crust ~ Natalie LeePink Granite: Fragments and Transitions for the duration of the weekend ~ Carran Waterfield

Movement Art Events
8-10th September ~ Admission Free

Come and join us for a feast of different movement art events which have steadily emerged from a weave of group, environmental and individual processes. This year the group will offer an improvised piece Come what May on the first evening, opening the weekend.

The programmed events, sometimes indoors and sometimes outdoors, are wonderfully varied and at the same time resonate with each other. As you will see, they include Nothing to see Here (may include a ladder and a teddy bear), a six hour durational piece throughout Sunday, in Westhay Garden, where you are welcome at any point throughout the day and and Pink Granite, a piece which is made up of fragments, being created deliberately as an interweaving within and around the other events. Pink Granite addresses themes of transition, accepting disruption and honouring influence as well as autobiographical healing through movement art– so you may only witness one fragment or you may follow several or all of the fragments during the weekend.

Each event is unique, multi-layered and a new creation, emerging from a closed movement group bringing along all their skills and working together and alongside each other for the year.  The Project Group approach reflects the principles of ecological movement.

The events are free, a chance to meet up with friends and colleagues, to discuss movement practice and to spend some time by the sea, as well as an opportunity, if you are new to this work, to come along and attend as many of the pieces as you like. It will give you a sense of the variety of approaches to movement art, nurtured in the atmosphere of Move into Life and Amerta Movement.

In the spirit of ‘process as performance’, there will also be an exhibition in Charmouth Village Hall over the weekend of some of the work created by individuals in the group as part of their creative process.

Full programme details, location maps and timings can be found here 

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