Little Blue Man: Gate Five

I am making seven posts between my dad’s birthday and Father’s day. This is the fifth post in the series. This year Terence Roy Waterfield would have been 90.  We lost him when he was 78.  It takes a long time to process losing a loved one.

Gate Five is about The Navy Club. Dad was entertainments secretary and ultimately chair of the RNA (Royal Naval Association) in Coventry which he served for over forty years on and off. In this section of the work I embody the activities of the Navy club where I also performed from aged 12 onwards. In this film you will see some of Ian Cameron’s beautiful photos of Dad’s possessions and Dad talks about the Navy Club.  I also include here a very old recording of me singing ‘Only Yesterday’ by The Carpenters when I was 17 years old.   You can go to Gate One, Gate Two,  Gate Three and Gate Four if you have missed them before getting to this page.

Here is the fifth short film.


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