Little Blue Man: Gate SIx

This year Terence Roy Waterfield would have been 90.  We lost him when he was 78.  It takes a long time to process losing a loved one.

I am making seven posts between my dad’s birthday and Father’s day. This is the sixth post in the series.

Gate Six: Work, Play, Family.  Gate Six is about Dad the painter and decorator, the family man and the man who went out a lot!   Work as part of one’s spare time leisure activities, “real work” and family responsibilities all inform this section.  Nick Sales, my colleague here, supports me as the painter and decorator working for the council painting school playgrounds and sports fields and kicking the odd ball around. The tension between working and playing is captured as my dad talks about the Navy Club’s demise in the 1970s.  So here I am connecting the working man, the playing man and the family man and all the tensions surrounding that.  Again – photographs by Ian Cameron and Mary Booker and some family archive photos plus another little extract from ‘My Sister, My Angel ‘(1996) which was also informed by this interview with him.  Also included are photos of the various sites of the Navy Club from Much Park Street it the 1960s to what became the Robin Hood Club, Watch Close in the 1970s,  through to the British Legion Club in Tower Street Coventry where the branch still meets.

If you missed the previous gates you can click on each here:  Gate One, Gate Two, Gate Three, Gate Four and Gate Five

Here is the sixth short film.



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